Xavier Dolan's Vivid HEARTBEATS


One of the pleasures of living near friends in NYC is popping over for a spontaneous movie night. I hosted the most recent one, and in between wine sips and ice cream scoops we took in the romantic slo-mo tableaus of Xavier Dolan's Les Amours Imaginaires, aka Heartbeats. The sophomore effort from the young French-Canadian director/actor/writer is a menage a trois love story of sorts set in modern day Montreal. The plot isn't totally new or completely fleshed out (pun intended), but the aforementioned slow motion closeups are so bright and beautiful you find yourself desperate for Pepto-pink dresses, thick eyeliner, or a straw boater--if only just to have the baby blue lined hat box it rests in. A hit at Cannes, Heartbeats is a lovely, lazy romp through French New Wave fields that are dotted with Almodóvar poppies, and there are delightful performances from the entire cast, especially the hilarious Monia Chokri, who can count me as one of her new style stalkers. The Good Neighbor Film Society (which I've just dubbed us) suggests you watch it tonight on demand!







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